Why trim your wick before lighting?

Why trim your wick before lighting?

Because without it, the candle actually burns 30% faster! Isn't that wild?!

Comparing candles that have an untrimmed vs. trimmed wick

Check out these two candles, next to each other. This is Infrared Camera technology, and it clearly shows how the candle on the right side is MUCH hotter than the candle on the left side. I bet you can't guess which candle had it's wick trimmed as recommended, and which is the one left burning with an untrimmed wick?

Wick Trimming: Best Practices

When it comes to lighting your candles, it's recommended that everyone follow these guidelines for best results.
  1. Trim your wick every time you light your candle. Yes, EVERY TIME.

  2. Never cut the wick of a burning candle - that's very dangerous!

  3. Remove any foreign elements that may have dropped into the jar, such as soot, wick fragments, hairs, or other flammable items.

  4. When trimming your wick, it's recommended to keep the length at around 1/4 of an inch, or roughly the width of an average pen or pencil. Using a wick trimmer vastly speeds up this process, as they are specifically designed to trim exactly the right amount of wick off, each time and every time.

  5. If your candle displays a flame height larger than one inch, soot darkens the jar, or you experience "mushrooming," extinguish the flame safely, wait for the wax to cool, and then re-trim your wick. These are all signs that your flame and wick are too hot, and need to be reduced. Continuing to burn a candle with too large of a flame can result in disaster and home fires. Please heed these warnings!

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