Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Here you can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Bella Luna and our brand policies and practicies. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us using the button below. Thank you, Dr. Amanda Simone.

What kind of materials are you using in your products?

At Bella Luna we ONLY use the finest ingredients in ALL of our products. For waxes, we use a blend of two soy waxes, both 100% pure soy wax, along with an additive sourced exclusively from renewable palm sources to even out the wax's color tone.

Are your candle and melt containers recyclable?

Our glass is both recyclable, reusable, AND is made from 50% recycled materials from the start!

Our Waxmelt Clamshells are made from PLA plastic (Recycle #7), and are made from a derivative of corn. They can break down in about 80 years in the right compostable environment (great for plastic, which takes thousands of years!). We are looking to move away from plastic clamshells in the future.

Are your shipping and packaging materials also eco-friendly?

Our shipping and packing materials are as eco-friendly as we can possibly them :) All of our shipping materials are made from paper or cardboard (NO bubble wrap, only honeycomb paper!)

What are Bella Luna's shipping policies? Is Free Shipping the same as paid shipping?

At Bella Luna we prefer to use UPS for all deliveries (usually 2-3 days, ground speed). If a customer orders something very small (ex: a single lighter, wax melt, etc.) we may opt for USPS shipping in a padded mailer, however this is quite rare. 

In general we use the exact same speed of UPS shipping for free ship purchases as the paid ship ones :)

What is Bella Luna's returns and exchanges policy?

Although we do not accept returns, exchanges are accepted, with the buyer paying for shipping both ways. Unfortunately, we do not accept broken items, even if damaged in shipping. However, if an item is damaged in the initial shipping experience from BL to the customer, we will replace that item cost-free to the customer, including repeat shipping.

Can you share more about your glass and tin droppoff/return policy for reuse?

Of course! At Bella Luna, we feel reusing existing glass and tins is even BETTER than sourcing 100% recycled glass from the start- and we accept glass/tin returns at zero cost!

If you are local, feel free to do a porch dropoff of as many jars, glasses, tins and various candle containers you have around the house. No need to clean them, I will do that part, just let me know when you're on the way :)

We just LOVE reusing materials whenever possible!