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Bella Luna Candles

Votives - Floral Bouquet

Votives - Floral Bouquet

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Baby Bellas are adorable colored glass candles- just the perfect size to perk up a dull space. But don't let the small size fool you - these babies can THROW scent like nobody's business! Available in all of your favorite scents, and a few unique ones too!

Our Baby Bella candles come 6 to a box inside of the Scent Journey gift boxes, which vary by season and availability. Try a new scent or experience an old favorite. Selection is limited, so don't delay!

Floral Bouquet

Gardenia + Tuberose
Hibiscus + Palm
Hawaiian Paradise
Magnolia + Peony
Peach Magnolia
Seaside Plumeria
Rose + Violet
Stargazer Lily
Sweetgrass & Violet

Each Baby Bella candle holds 2.5 oz of wax.
72g | 2.5oz

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