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Bella Luna Candles

Pride - Vanilla Bean Ace Cream

Pride - Vanilla Bean Ace Cream

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V A N I L L A πŸ–€ B E A N 🩢 A C E 🀍 C R E A M πŸ’œ

Indulge in the mouthwatering aroma of our Vanilla Bean Ace Cream candle, where fresh baked sugar cookies meet hints of vanilla and buttercream. The delightful scent of buttery waffle cones with vanilla ice cream will fill your space with cozy, comforting sweetness.


Celebrate asexual pride with this delectable fragrance, perfect for anyone who loves the rich, creamy scent of vanilla. It's as unique and special as the ace community, providing warmth and joy with every burn.

Note Profile:

  • Top: Sweet Vanilla, Buttery Wafflecone
  • Middle: Warm Baked Dough
  • Base: Vanilla Ice Cream, Buttercream
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