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Bella Luna Candles

Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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What is a Wick Trimmer?

You’ve probably seen it before, a particularly strange metal pair of “scissors” with a small plate? With its curved shape, the wick trimmer is easy to use in any container, small, deep or big, you can use the same tool!  It makes a clean cut of the wick while recovering the debris. 

Why should you trim your wicks?

It's important for so many reasons but let's name a few; 

  • Cleaner burn: avoid dark smoke (and smoke alarm detector!)
  • Cleaner container: avoid smoky candle jars
  • Better fragrance diffusion: enhance the scent diffusion while burning 
  • Burn safely: a longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous
  • Prevent mushrooming: remove the build-up of carbon

How do you use a wick trimmer? & How often?

Good news, it’s quick and simple! But it's a routine and you have to do it, every-time you use your candles. How? 

  • Place the wick trimmer handle inside the rim of the jar 
  • Bring the blades towards the wick parallel to the wax
  • Cut the wick to a height of about 1/4" (4-5mm)
  • Throw away the wick debris (be careful, it may be hot!)

    Learn more at our blog post, "Why trim your wicks?"
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